International Riesling Foundation

Riesling is the most noble of white wine grapes in the world and responsible for some of the world's most versatile wines, simply because the styles produced range from aperitif to dessert, and everything in between.

Xabregas is one of the first Australian members of the International Riesling Foundation (IRF), a discerning group of global Riesling producers, dedicated to helping wine lovers to better understand and appreciate Riesling. 

The IRF has introduced a sliding scale, or 'slider', to help wine aficionados better appreciate the many virtues of Riesling. These virtues, and the scale, involve the interplay of sugar and acidity parameters and how they relate to balance. The four categories selected are Dry, Medium Dry, Medium Sweet and Sweet.

To help you choose the Xabregas Riesling that best suits your palate, the IRF Slider appears on every Xabregas Riesling bottle.

As Riesling lovers, we hope this information will help you discover and appreciate the different styles of Riesling, the foods they compliment, and the style that is the most perfect for you.