Xabregas Mount Barker Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

“Includes 12% Shiraz. The parcels were transferred to static fermenters and held at 25 degrees C for 7 days, then pressed and run to new and used French oak for 12 months.The wine has pronounced tobacco leaf, spice and blackcurrant fruit supported by fine tannins.”


X by Xabregas, Figtree Riesling 2018
“This is, as the X declares on the back label, off dry, but is a long way short of medium-dry. The residual sugar is low, and the acidity high, giving the wine balance. In 10 years you will be pleased as punch if you hold on to your bottles for the big reveal, it will be nectar of the gods.” 

Xabregas Estate Riesling 2018
“This is very interesting: acidity 7.7g/L, residual sugar 6.2g/L. The residual sugar is swept away by the minerally acidity. The development of wine is hard to guess, but it certainly needs a few years for the contest between the titratable acidity and residual sugar to be decided one way or the other.” 


Xabregas Sauvignon Blanc 2018
“This is basically a drink-now style. Fresh, crunchy and slightly pulpy passionfruit with a citrusy tropical fruit mix. It’s clean and pure with a refreshingly lifted acidity on the finish. It has had a short time on lees in oak and that’s added to the palate texture and complexity.” 

Xabregas Riesling 2018

“Here is a Riesling that should be on your shopping list. It's a beautiful example of Great Southern Riesling, with that spicy citrus mix presented with a subtle refined and very precise palate expression. Largely free-run juice and small portion of pressings to bring a faint textural component. Zingy and crunchy with a slatey, minerally finish.” 


Xabregas Shiraz 2017

“This is the result of a cool Mount Barker vintage and, as a result, shows those delightful peppery spicy nuances on the nose and palate. Smooth palate profile with grainy, slightly chalky tannins and a lingering finish. Vibrant and lively.” 


X By Xabregas Figtree Riesling 2018

“This is a beautiful off-dry Riesling from this very good year. Has a distinct lime, bath salts aroma with traces of lemon blossom. The palate has a very light touch of sweetness which is balanced by a fine, lingering acidity to sustain a very long palate. Leaves the mouth with a refreshing zing.” 


X By Xabregas Spencer Syrah 2014

“Really delightful Syrah from this outstanding Great Southern vintage. Lifted perfumed notes on the nose with deeper spicy plum and black cherry characters. The palate is concentrated and silky smooth, supported by fine, chalky tannins and a decent dab of oak. There's a grainy feel about it with gives character and poise. ” 


The Australia Wine Review March 2020

Xabregas Mount Barker Riesling 2019

Built in a more easy going mode this year, the fruit fleshy, with cooked limes and just enough acidity. Fleshy, but imprecise this vintage. Long though. Best drinking:  91/100. 

THE WINE FRONT, March 2020

 Xabregas Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2019
I visited Xabregas many moons ago and it was a great trip seeing the breadth of Great Southern.It reinvigorated my recent years interest in the region. Solid per former, always, but I always think of them as aromatic white producers first. Good sauvignon blanc here. Measured in showing the typical and expected passionfruit, tropical fruit and citrus characters of the variety but with chalky texture in tow and some light, yeasty notes floating by. It’s a ‘more than meets the eye’ version of the variety.” Rating: 92 Pts

 Xabregas Estate Shiraz 2018
Pretty tasty it is too. Black cherry and plum flavours, almost in blackberry, with toasty oak, gum leaf and peppercorn flavours woven through. It’s threaded with tannin, juicy with acidity and well balanced as a whole. It’s medium in weight and medium in quality but at the upper end of both; it drinks very nicely as a result.” Rating: 92 Pts

 Xabregas Estate Riesling 2019

“Body of flavour and decent length. It almost seems generous in young-Aussie-riesling terms. Mandarin, lime, minerally acidity, a flash of cooked apple, soda water even. Lots to tuck into but the momentum remains high.” Rating: 93 Pts

Xabregas Estate Riesling 2018
“Riesling from WA’s Mount Barker region. It’s a dry style of riesling but there’s such a wealth of fruit that it’s almost suggestive of sweetness. It tastes of lemon, grapefruit, lemonade and lime zest and with soft acidity and such flow to the fruit it’s really quite delightful to drink.” Rating: 91 Pts


Xabregas Estate Riesling 2018
“The bouquet is subtly complex and quite beguiling, with elements of spice to go with the floral notes. It's tight and firm, intense and compact on the tongue, with good concentration, richness and length. And a lovely citrusy finish that invigorates the mouth.” Rating: 93 Pts


Xabregas Shiraz 2015
“This release has plenty of heft but it’s also true to its more savoury, spice-ridden roots. We are into good territory here. Cloves, black cherries, a whisper of fennel, a gaminess in the background but a succulence too. You’d almost call this jubey. Dry tannin with fruit sloshing through. Excellent to drink. It will cellar but it’s drinking well already.” Rating: 92 Pts


X by Xabregas Figtree Riesling 2017
“The pale colour introduces a fresh herbal aroma with traces of lemonade and passionfruit. It’s rich and full of charm on the palate, just off-dry, which adds to its accessibility when young. A hint of bitterness helps cleanse the finish. It’s just 10.8% alcohol.” Rating: 94 Pts

Xabregas Estate Riesling 2017
“With a pale-yellow hue, it smells of fragrant lime leaves and green herbs. The palate has intense lime-juice flavour with a hint of sweetness that renders it all the more accessible in youth. Just 11.7% alcohol.” Rating: 93 Pts


Xabregas Estate Riesling 2017
“I like the slight touch of sweetness in this wine, which isn’t obvious but is enough to prevent it being austere. The lifted aroma is very fragrant, hinting at lime leaf and fresh herbs. It’s juicy, intense and concentrated on the palate. A powerful wine with ageing potential.” Rating: 93 Pts


X by Xabregas SR Sparkling Riesling 2014
“Nowhere on the bottle does it say Riesling, but that’s what it is. In Germany they’d call it sekt. Bright mid yellow hue; fresh lemon essence and honey aromas; the palate intense and penetrating with typical Riesling line and cut. Crisp, dry and toasty on the tongue” Rating: 92 Pts


X by Xabregas Figtree Riesling 2017 
“Beautiful spicy lemon zest on the nose opens what is a very good young Riesling from Mount Barker. It’s dry, yet there is a suggestion of sweet fruit and fleshy texture. Great mouthfeel, with a long finish.” Rating: 92 Pts


X by Xabregas Figtree Riesling 2017
“Pale colour, with a fresh herby aroma including lemonade and lemon essence nuances, and a hint of passionfruit, the palate is also rich in these flavours and loaded with charm. It’s slightly off dry, which adds an inviting deliciousness and ready drinkability. Slight bitterness helps cleanse the aftertaste. A superb young Riesling.” Rating: 94 Pts

Xabregas Estate Riesling 2017
“Pale yellow hug and a lifted, fragrant aroma with green herb and lime leaf scents. The palate is juicy and just slightly off-dry. The limey fruit is very intense and concentrated. The wine is a powerful style which also has ageing potential.” Rating: 93 Pts

X by Xabregas SR Sparkling Riesling 2014

“Bright, medium yellow hue, with a honey and lemon essence aroma, which is bright and lifted, intense and piercing. The palate is intense and lean, penetrating and tight, with a crisp, dry, acid finish and aftertaste. It tastes like a Hunter Semillon with bottle-age and bubbles. Not the classic Champagne varieties. The palate is very intense, the acidity refreshing and the wine is all-round thoroughly delicious. The finish is very clean and dry.” Rating: 92 Pts


X by Xabregas Spencer Syrah 2012
“Both savoury and fruity at once. This is good clobber. Cloves, Italian herbs, black cherries and wood smoke, all delivered on satiny rails. There’s tannin here but it has melted down into the fruit. It tastes ripe but it also tastes savoury/cool.” Rating: 93 Pts



Xabregas X by Xabregas Spencer Syrah 2012
Rating: 95
“The lighter colour is relative - it’s just the depth of the colour of its siblings that triggers the lighter comparison, but it’s a relative indicator of a medium-bodied cool climate shiraz that is instantly appealing. It tiptoes through red, purple and black fruits, a garden of spices and fine-spun, but persistent, tannins.”

Xabregas X by Xabregas Figtree Syrah 2012
Rating: 94
“Dark, deep colour; takes minimalist labeling to the far extreme - black on black, the wine, happily, anything but. The bouquet is very expressive, with a whirl of black fruits, licorice, pepper and spice feeding into tannins and quality oak on the finish.”

Xabregas Mount Barker Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
Rating: 92
“Warm, rich style with blackcurrant, chocolate, black olive and gravel-like flavours rumbling through the palate. Peppercorn and game flavours are swept along with the barrage of flavour. Alcohol warmth is an issue but it doesn’t thin the palate in any way; the substance of the wine remains impressive.”

Xabregas Mount Barker Sauvignon Blanc 2016
Rating: 90
“Bright straw-green; has greater depth than many cool stainless steel-fermented sauvignon blancs, and it has a minerally cage holding a tight clasp on ripe tropical fruits.”

Xabregas Mount Barker Shiraz 2014
Rating: 90
“A rambunctious shiraz in ‘more of everything’ mode, black fruits, licorice and tannins, less oak the odd man out. You get your money’s worth if you’re after a full-bodied shiraz that will knock around for a decade or so.”

Xabregas Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
17.5-18 Fine Wine Club Perth
91 Points - Mike Bennie WBM Trade
Silver Medal - Scoop Autumn Tasting

X by Xabregas Spencer Syrah 2010
Gold Medal - Scoop Magazine Winter Tasting
18.5 Oz Wine Review by Andrew Graham

Xabregas Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Gold Medal - Royal Queensland Wine Show

Xabregas Artisan Syrah 2009
96 Points - James Suckling,
93 Points by Campbell Mattison, The Wine Front.

X by Xabregas Figtree Riesling 2010
93 points - Gary Walsh, The Wine Front
Gold, Riverside Wine Competition (California)
96 points – Ray Jordan, West Weekend
18.6 points – John Jens, Western Suburbs Weekly

X by Xabregas Spencer Riesling 2010
95 points – Nick Stock, Wine Business Monthly
Gold, Riverside Wine Competition (California)
95 points – Ray Jordan, West Weekend
18.4 points – John Jens, Western Suburbs Weekly

Estate Shiraz 2009
Gold, Royal Melbourne Wine Show
Gold, Qantas Wine Show of WA 2011
18.5 points – Barry Weinman, Fine Wine Club
18.5 points – John Jens, Western Suburbs Weekly

Sweet Riesling 2009
94 points – James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2011
91 points - WINE 100 - Australia's Leading Independant Wine Guide, August 2011

Show Reserve Dry Riesling 2009
94 points – Ray Jordan, West Weekend
93 points – James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2011
93 points - WINE 100 - Australia's Leading Independent Wine Guide, August 2011
Silver, Qantas Wine Show of WA 2009
Gold, Qantas Wine Show of WA 2010

Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 
93 points – James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2011

Shiraz 2008
Gold, Royal Melbourne Wine Show 2009
Jimmy Watson trophy Finalist Royal Melbourne 2009
93 points – James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2011
Silver, Royal Melbourne Wine Show 2010
90 points - Campbell Mattinson, Big Red Wine Book 2010

Show Reserve Shiraz 2007
Gold, Visy Great Australian Shiraz Challenge 2010
94 points – Ray Jordan, West Weekend
Five Stars – Best of the West 2010
Gold, Royal Perth Show 2009
Silver, Royal Sydney Wine Show 2010
Silver, Royal Melbourne 2009
Silver Qantas Wine Show of WA 2009
Silver, Vintage Cellars National Wine Show of Austrtalia 2009
Silver, New Zealand Int. Wine Show 2008
4.5 Glasses James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2010

Show Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
Gold, Qantas Mt Barker Wine Show of Western Australia 2008
Silver, Sydney Royal Wine Show 2009
Silver, Qantas Wine Show of Western Australia 2009
Five Stars Winestate Special Edition 2008

Show Reserve Chardonnay 2007
Gold, Royal Melbourne Wine Show 2008
Gold, Royal Perth Show 2009
Silver, Qantas Wine Show of WA 2008

Dry Riesling 2007
4 Glasses James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2008

Unwooded Chardonnay 2007
Silver, Royal Perth Wine Show 2007

Shiraz 2007
Gold, Royal Melbourne Wine Show 2008
Jimmy Watson Trophy Finalist Royal Melbourne 2008
Top 50, Great Australian Shiraz Challenge 2008
Silver, Perth Royal Wine Show 2008
Silver, Qantas Mt Barker Show of Western Australia 2008