The vineyard estate comprises 120 hectares of vineyard, which were planted in 1996, but most importantly great care was taken to choose specific soil types and vineyard aspects which resulted in the development of three distinct vineyard being planted within a 10 kilometre radius.


Vines at Figtree are planted in ironstone pea gravel that the locals refer to as 'coffee rock'. It is hard, deep and impenetrable by shovel but with persistence from the vineyard team, they have created a layer of organic matter over the top. The soil here, or lack of soil, makes the wine unique and the Rieslings exceptionally concentrated.


Situated south of Figtree Vineyard, on a lower plain, is Spencer Vineyard. Soils are derived from an ancient river delta consisting of silica loam with an underlying deep granite base. Spencer is incredibly slow growing, which allows retention of higher levels of natural acidity, in combination with the unique granite base and close proximity to the surrounding native forest.